The perfect partner for successful real estate projects

We see the real estate sector as an economic activity demanding a lateral thinking perspective, the ability to empathise and distinct sense of responsibility. After all, investing considerable sums of money securely and potentially still having the invested capital grow is not all that counts. Buildings will shape their location and surroundings for many years to come, provide a home for people and create the parameters for successful work carried out by companies. Hence our mission statement:

“We create value and live our values”.

For us living our values means to act in the tradition of the reputable Hanseatic merchant. REAFINA AG operates in a flexible, fast, competent and dedicated manner and at a high level of quality. This is consistenly accompanied by the goal we set ourselves of dealing with all persons, companies and institutions concerned on equal terms cooperatively and fairly.

We carry the responsibility for: assets and property value, for people and our environment. It is for this reason that we cultivate and maintain clear project structures, transparent actions and open communication channels. This ensures that our actions are open to scrutiny at all times. Last but not least honesty and dependability are integral to the values we live: We keep our promises.